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A-HA DESIGN was created to increase joy and peace in your life by introducing and reinforcing beautiful, inspirational words that speak to your Soul. Throughout time, the impact of affirmative thinking has been well known and documented as one of the scientific laws of the universe. Like attracts like.

If you focus your thoughts and energy on what you want to bring into your life, it will come to you. Ask for what you want, believe it has come and receive all that you ask.

Wearing our jewelry will be a powerful reminder every day, no matter where you are, to create the ideal state of mind to cultivate the life you have always wanted and to become the best person you can possibly be.

Mission Statement

A-HA DESIGN helps people create and nurture positive change in their life through self-awareness, self acceptance and self-worth.

Everyone is CAPABLE of being empowered at any age.

A-HA DESIGN provides tools to support positive proactive change – through Coaching, Workshops, Reiki, Affirmation & Energy Jewelry, Meditation & Mindful Eating Bowls and more.

A-HA DESIGN supports GlobalGiving.com as it connects us to grassroots charities around the world and ensures that 85-90% of your donation gets to these projects within 60 days.