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Wendy Sosik, Certified Reiki Practitioner & Founder of A-HA DESIGN LLC, wendy sosik
is committed to creating beautiful jewelry pieces and helping people to heal themselves. The Ask Believe Receive jewelry is designed to inspire and remind your soul how to create your best life, which in turn, will contribute to the greater good of our global community. The CHAK-ROCKS healing crystal jewelry helps to balance your body’s energies to promote wellness and healing from within. Being a Reiki practitioner is a great way to connect with people and help clear energy blocks in their body. Reiki helps to release stress in the body and promotes peace and healing from within.

“I wanted to do something where I would be creative, and would reinforce and spread love of ourselves and others. I also wanted to help raise awareness that life is too short to live thinking negatively. It’s been proven over and over that changing your thoughts will change your life. We all need to look for and create good in the world…it’s always there. I’ve taken this approach in my own life and have created a lot of joy and peace for myself. I want to help others do the same.” Being a Reiki practitioner allows me to help people focus their energy to allow healing and also help them to understand the power of their thoughts on sickness and healing.”

Wendy studies Kabbalah and other spiritual and holistic teachings, enjoys riding her motorcycle, painting, yoga, working out and traveling with her family.

 Inspire Your Soul and You Will Help Others

A-HA DESIGN donates a portion of all sales to www.globalgiving.com. GlobalGiving.com connects donors to grassroots charities around the world and ensures that 85-90% of your donation gets to these projects within 60 days to help create community driven social change.

A-HA DESIGN donates to different non-profit programs within GlobalGiving.com.