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Awaken your Mind, Body & Spirit through Community, Wisdom & Fun






Create your own affirmation bowl or (pre-painted bowls are also available)
• Learn how to state affirmations effectively so you can manifest your dreams
• Learn how to release stress, nourish your mind, body & soul through meditation, movement and foods

“I own one of the very meaningful and beautiful “Bowls for the Soul”. The affirmation words painted simplistically around the circumference of the bowl allow me to achieve a more positive sense even when the day has been very long and filled with stress”
~ Sue R. NJ


Create your own CHAK-ROCKS™ bracelet or (pre-made bracelets also available)
• Learn about the 7 main chakras in the body
• Learn how to recognize symptoms of blocked energy in chakras
• Learn techniques on how to clearing energy blocks
• Learn how crystals can help balance your energy & how they impact the energy of each chakra







Thank you so much Wendy for bringing your creativity to our party and onto our wrists!”

“I hosted a CHAK-ROCKS party with Wendy last week. All of my girlfriends have told me that they love their customized bracelets. One husband commented “Honey, you are much more relaxed since you’ve been wearing that bracelet!” Wendy did a great job helping everyone navigate the world of sacred stones!” ~ Patty, Morristown, NJ


Create your own custom Ask Believe Receive set of carved words
• Learn what is necessary to achieve your desires through affirmations & action
• Learn how to STOP perpetuating the “wanting” state
• Learn how to clear mind chatter and just “Be” in the moment


5th Grade Workshop 2013

5th Grade Workshop 2013






“Wendy’s ABR workshop was a meaningful way for my fifth graders to begin to understand their role in creating their own future. This awakening took place as students thoughtfully considered what truly mattered to them, and what their deepest hopes were for their own life.  Some students were able to pinpoint specifics like career goals, while others focused on broader visions like having a happy family life. Once students identified their goals, they moved towards creating an artistic expression of their future by decoupaging a wooden “BELIEVE” with words, quotes, and ideas brainstormed during the session with Wendy.

When Wendy connected the dots between believing in your vision and proactively moving toward that vision, my class understood that they are not bystanders in their life. They are able to live their “BELIEVE”, by staying focused on what is truly most important to them. Then they will “RECEIVE” the life they envisioned.

At the end of the school year I asked my students to reflect on the year’s highlights. Many students mentioned Wendy’s ABR workshop as being a most meaningful part of their year.  I know that as my students move through the coming years, the wooden BELIEVE they created will inspire them, and serve as a powerful reminder of who they are and who they will one day become.”  ~ Mrs. Karin Rennie

To Host a Gathering, Get More Information on The WAKE UP! Workshops email Wendy at wendy@a-ha-design.com


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